Ultrasound Tech Salary

What is an ultrasound technician?

In the medical field, an ultrasound technician is the professional that is also called a diagnostic medical sonographer, who operates on sound waves, which (through special equipment) is dealing with the medical problems of a patient.

Job description of an ultrasound technician

The main description of an ultrasound technician that involves basic duties in his field of work involves this specialization being one of the most valuable assets in the world of health. In this field, there are plenty of specializations that an ultrasound technician can be provided with. For example, some of the technicians specialize in gynecology, heart health, and pregnancy and so on.

Their main job duty is to examine the state of the organs, their health and their condition in the human body, as well as the fetuses that are in the womb by using special machines and ultrasound technology. Their part in the medical branch is very important, since they are the ones who help the doctors in providing them with a clear diagnosis and treatment in the medical problems that one patient can deal with.

Also, they are the ones who, during a patient’s pregnancy, make sure that the health of the mother and her fetus are both in good conditions. But being an ultrasound tech is as well a very hard work to do, because you’ll encounter patients with various personalities and characteristics, so you’ll have to use the best of your communicating skills.

It is not enough to know the work equipment, because you also have to maintain a clean environment and area by preparing the equipment for the next patient. In your work, you’ll have to have all the accurate records with the patient information, but you’ll have to explain what the procedure that a patient will go through is about and what position he or she should adopt during the procedure for obtaining a good image.

Their function, working as ultrasound technicians, involves dealing with the administrative part in which the role of the professionals in this job is to organize and to make all the preparations for the schedules at work, but also to maintain a close eye on other ultrasound technicians.

How to become an ultrasound technician?

In order to become an ultrasound tech, you have to follow a few steps that are dealing with the educational process and training that are the main core elements in every job. Also, you’ll have to learn about the human anatomy and to gain the necessary training to be able to operate with the ultrasound technology.

To fulfill the educational requirements, you’ll have to graduate high school and obtain your GED or a high school diploma that will guarantee an enrollment in one of the training programs that will help you become a professional in this job.

Being on the way to become an ultrasound technician you should take into account classes that are comprised of math, English, health, computer science as well as physical science and life science that have to be a part of your school curriculum, especially if you’ve decided to follow this path.

The next step is to choose one of the accredited training programs for becoming an ultrasound technician. These programs are mainly accredited by the CAAHEP, with other words the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education. Through this kind of program, you can obtain an Associate’s Degree or finish a postgraduate program, which offers certification. The educational degrees and certifications are a huge bonus, when it comes to advancing in the career opportunities as well as hiring.

If you are a new high school graduate or you’ve just making shifts between careers in the health care, then you can choose a one year program that will bring a vocational certificate. Next in line are the two years programs that are the most encountered and at the end of it, you’ll be rewarded with an associate’s degree.

The four year programs provide you with a bachelor’s degree. The ones which are based on less than one year, like six or eight months, will not give you a good start in this kind of duty, due to the lack of education that will not make you a competitive person in this branch, but also in solving problems in this career.

There can be colleges that will need you to have completed a Certified Nursing Associate or in other words a CNA before you could be enrolled into a DMS (Diagnostic Medical Sonographer) program.

Except the theoretical part, there is the clinical training part that will allow you to put in practice what you’ve learned by acquiring experience. So, take an internship that will give you the chance to develop skills based on ultrasound in a protected and safe healthcare setting.

You can gain additional experience, as well as training at continuous educational career opportunities and at conferences held by the professionals in this branch. With work and hours achieved, you can enroll to take the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography exams that will grant you a good start in the salary, as well as great career opportunities. These exams will lead you to be specialized in certain fields by obtaining extra certifications.

Also, becoming a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer or a certified ultrasound technician will bring you a lot of benefits in the next step of being hired and getting a good job salary.

Work environment and schedule

Working as an ultrasound tech, there are great opportunities for a career path. You can find work in hospitals, medical clinics, and physician’s offices and so on. Being in this field you get the opportunity to work in those industries that are in high growth, where you get the chance to deal with advanced technology as well as with helping people. You could also find a job as an ultrasound technician in laboratories, nursing homes, or many other care centers.

The schedule of an ultrasound technician requires for them to work full time, but you could find part time jobs. If you’ve gained a serious reputation, then you can provide service in various places. Many employees will work on the full schedule because during nights, holidays, and in weekends people are required to be attended by one of these specialists in ultrasound technology.

Sonography tech salary

If you are interested in becoming an ultrasound technician, then the job prospect looks very good. With a great educational background and associate’s degree, the future outlook in this career path opportunity is very uplifting since you can expect a good salary as well. With the level of experience and of training, with the ultrasound technology skills, you’ll be one of the best competitive professionals in the business healthcare market.

If by any chance you want to get specialized in a certain area or field, then you can expect to a growth in your wage or you can even ask for a huge one due to the educational background.

As for an average salary in this field, the income of an ultrasound technician reaches at about $65,400 per year (source: SalaryVoice.com). This average is influenced in the US by the particular areas of the states, as well as the lowest or highest points in the economy.

The experience in this field is of great importance since with less than one year in the job position, an entry ultrasound technician will have a salary of $39,340 while the ones advancing in years such as the ones comprised in one and four years will gain a salary of $46,462.

An ultrasound tech with a level of experience in the job field reaching between ten to eighteen years will reach at a salary of $67,600. Even if an ultrasound technician salary depends a lot on various factors, such as the geographic position or location of your working place, the metropolitan area or the non-metropolitan areas where the rural or urban places can be found, the most important fact is that your career opportunity can improve a lot by choosing a good place of work.

Many ultrasound technicians have a great opportunity of a good salary, especially if having more years of experience, they choose to fulfill the duties of an administrative or a supervisor position. Or in other cases they continue their education by specializing in a certain field of the ultrasound technician branch.

You also get the opportunity to work on a high position as an ultrasound technician and obtain a good salary by choosing the field of private industry.

Like in every job, there are highest points and lowest points that will define the economic flux of the business as well as the competitiveness. The lowest point in an ultrasound technician salary is of $56,100  per year or even less, while the professionals with the highest point in this profession have a salary reaching at $80,100 and even more.

The middle of those working in this field gain an average salary between $61,510 and up to $74,100 per year. There isn’t a higher bonus granted for the ultrasound technician salary, with other words there are many professionals who don’t receive bonuses.

But other benefits can be found in this job such as the paid vacations, pension and other healthcare contributions which can rise up to the income of $95,050 per year. This, regarding the pay package of an ultrasound technician salary for someone having a basic salary, results in a yearly amount of $67,240.

According to each state in the US that is influenced on the earlier factors, you can be sure that for an ultrasound technician, the career opportunities are very good as well as the rewarding that comes with it but also the requirements that have to be fulfilled vary according to the demanding from the population.

The ultrasound technician salary is influenced a lot according to the facility in which an individual is working. For example, if you work in the hospital based practices, then your salary will reach up to $63,780 while working in physician health centers then you’ll earn a salary reaching at almost $63,850, whereas the academic settings which hire an ultrasound technician will provide a salary reaching at $66,270 annually.

Ultrasound tech salary in Canada, Australia and UK

Depending on many factors that usually have a crucial role on a job and its salary average, according to each country, the salary may vary a lot or less. For example, in the UK, the ultrasound technician salary is comprised between £20,050 and £60,050 per year. The professionals who are working as individuals in this field will earn an income situated between £20,050 and £48,050, referring again to yearly amounts. A few of the factors which affect a salary in this branch in the UK involve the type of facility, as well as the education that one has reached.

According to the type of facility, those working in the hospital area will get a salary situated between £26,050 and around £40,050 per year. The ones working as ultrasound technicians in the field of federal government will obtain a salary that reaches between £28,050 and £40,050, while the private practices allow an income that is situated between £31,010 and £47,010. These are great yearly salaries indeed.

Related to the education that one has in this area of work, for example, if you have a bachelor’s degree, then you can get a salary of £65,010 per year.

In Canada for instance, based on the work schedule as full time in the branch of an ultrasound technician will bring you an income between CAD$65,010 and CAD$75,010. The hourly wages which are the highest can be found in Calgary, Alberta reaching at CAD$42.16 per hour, while the lowest point in an ultrasound technician can be seen in Quebec, Montreal where the hourly wage is of CAD$19.05.

In Australia, the hourly wages are influenced also according to various factors that can be considered as crucial points. The hourly wages for an ultrasound technician are comprised between AU$28.23 and AU$59.61, according to the type of facility and the region in which you are working in.

The years of experience also leave a great mark in having a good salary, because with more than five years of experience, you get the chance to advance and settle a lot easier than being only in the starting levels of ultrasound technician job.

Conclusion on ultrasound technician salary

The growth in this medical field is more seen than in other fields, due to the number of constant demanding as well as the new technology developing. As an ultrasound technician, the future outlook for the next ten years will mark a continuous growing, as well as the multiplying of the cases which need to be administered and treated by these professionals.

The years of experience are a huge bonus in the career opportunities that spread in each state in the US. With an average salary of about $65,400 per year, the numbers will grow considerably, since the educational training also occupies a good position.

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